Detox Diary

My 3 day juice cleanse experience with elixir detox.
IMG_0821in my last post i wrote about elixir detox and the benefits of taking a detox; now im letting you know about my 3 day cleanse experience.
first of all i was worrying so much about drinking juices all day long for 3 days, to not starve to death and survivE! (so dramatic) i know, but that’s just how i felt at the beginning. turns out i’m still surprised about how extremely it was, i did not felt hungry at any moment! juices kept me feeling perfectly every day!.


how i felt while detoxing?

-i did not felt the need to eat something else
-Drank lots of water in between juices
-Felt a lot more awake and less tired during the day
-Exercised exactly the way im used to! Felt great actually while being at the gym
-Slept like a baby! Seriously for a long time I felt that I actually got some rest
-No cravings at all during the day, I mean none!
And I think the main thing Im thankful for, is that I’ve learned that I can live without fast food, the cravings I used to had were just simply mental or because I was bored (who knows). Im so motivated now that I know I can and I must eat healthy!
if you are planning or have thoughts about taking a detox, over my experience I totally encourage you to do it! It may be expensive but totally worth it.
check out Elixir Detox for their amazing programs!

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