Trend Alert: White

white |(h)wīt|

1 Of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most wave lengths of visible light; the opposite of black.


White is one of the most important and strongest trends this spring as you have seen on runways, stores & street style. Personally I really wasn’t a person that had lots of white on my wardrobe, I was black color person; Since I tried on this trend I seem to love it from the first minute.

There are lots of ways you can empower this trend, pair it with black, denim or a pop of color; it will all look great. If you are really into this trend a White on White look will be definitely breathtaking. Here are some outfits I paired up for you! Hope you like them! Which one is your favorite?

Sweatshirts have never been so chic! Such an easy look to afford!fhj

White on white everything? Is there anything better!?2

Love a sporty chic look!1


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